A reliable solution for your packaging requirements

Efficient packaging seems easier than you think. Product, packaging material, shelf life, seal quality, odor barriers, dimensions, speed … parameters that make the difference. We are familiar with the requirements and capabilities of the machines.

But what is the right VFFS machine and from which provider? Each product requires specific knowledge. And after that there are so many options for packing the bags in a box. How do you find your way?

Zi-Vision helps you in your choice

With a Quickscan we make a thorough analysis and present you the right concept. We take your range and capacity into account and are aware of the different properties of packaging materials. By means of a creative but pragmatic approach, ZiVision helps you with a suitable solution.

We help you select the right systems that not only meet legal requirements, but also ensure reliability to safeguard your production capacity. Easy to operate systems that offer maximum uptime with minimal maintenance.

We also look together for the best logistics solution for overpacking lines based on the available shelf space and production environment.

Zi-Vision guides and advises you in the choices to be made for your packaging process. In addition to individual machines, we also offer fully automated repacking concepts: from sachet to box to pallet.

Zi-Vision works together with VH Vertical Packaging and FS Solutions.


VH Vertical Packaging designs, builds and maintains vertical form fill seal packaging machines. In addition to its own Centurion VFFS unit, VH can overhaul your older units and possibly upgrade them with a new controlling unit.


In addition to the central packaging unit, the required periphery such as elevator belts, multi-head weighers, dosing and discharge belts can be offered. A project can be placed entirely at VH.


FS Solutions supplies and designs flexible transport systems. Complete total solutions and modular systems for process automation and internal transport. Easily expandable link belt systems (Mat-Top Conveyor), chain and belt conveyors, and distribution / sorting systems, which transports parcels faster and without errors.


We design an efficient, fast and reliable solution for your transport problem according to your wishes. Hygienic, at the highest speed, and maintenance-free.


Zi-Vision can inventorise and evaluate the current situation in a non-binding meeting and discuss optimization options with you.

How can we help you?

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