Sustainable processing at lower costs

You control your operational costs with minimal product loss and effective product processing. By means of a sophisticated concept you ensure control over your process.

Zi-Vision understands your search for an appropriate processing process

Together we evaluate your current processing process. We map out your wishes and requirements for the expansion, replacement or optimization of your production process. We then work with reliable building blocks on a tailor-made layout. Where necessary, we even propose a completely new concept. We guide you in the realization of the chosen solution and ensure a fast and efficient implementation.

We understand your challenges and guide you in making the right choices for your process. We look for the best machines and configuration for your situation in order to arrive at the optimally integrated solution that meets your specific wishes and requirements.

Whether you are looking for a new machine or a complete processing line, Zi-Vision has both the experience and the expertise to provide you with the correct information. From an initial concept to detailed engineering of each process step. Zi-Vision guides the process and supports you from the design phase to commissioning.

Foodeq Engineering is a specialist in vibration technology and food processing equipment. Innovative customer-specific machines that meet the highest requirements for food safety. Transport, swimming, draining, dosing, sorting, or degreasing – FoodEq helps you to find the best solution.


Different transport systems – vibration technology in combination with conveyor belts, pumping systems, and screw conveyors can be used in projects. We can offer the entire range of conveyor technology, including tube blanchers, steamers, and weighing systems.

Marcellissen is known specialist in the processing of root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and beets.  Marcelissen provides technical and high-quality solutions in which food safety and sustainability are very important.


A whole line of machines has been developed from de-stoning, washing, scraping and peeling, cutting, sorting to weighing and packaging. If desired, Marcelissen can construct an entire line.


Zi-Vision can inventorise and evaluate the current situation in a non-binding meeting and discuss optimization options with you.

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