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Do the Quickscan and map out the improvement potential

What do you get?

  • You get a clear picture of the improvement potential based on qualitative and quantitative results
  • You have a clear zero measurement that functions as the starting point of the improvement journey
  • The Quickscan provides immediate input and support for the improvement program


We include the entire organization (technology, costs, operation) in the analysis. With an integrated approach, we look at the objective and priority in e.g production efficiency, maintenance costs, project implementation and return on invest. We help to get a clear objective with priorities on quality, time and money.

The Quickscan is aimed at:

  • Creating a common need and vision (why and what to improve)
  • Gathering input in order to be able to draw up a solid action plan with the necessary resources.

With the Quickscan we lay the necessary foundation to successfully realize a project.

What does a Quickscan include?

The purpose of the Quickscan is to make a business case and to provide the project organization with valuable information. The approach of a Quickscan is always tailor-made, depending on the scope and the intended results.

In this phase we gather a rough picture of the production process from incoming raw materials to packaged product in the warehouse. With the information you provide us with the form, we gain insight into the process.

A fill-in-the-blank exercise that requires 15-20 minutes of your time. If you do not have all the information available, the data will be saved and you can add it at a later time. If you may need help, we will fill it in together.

PS: Even if you want to replace a single production unit (read a specific machine), a partial QuickScan will get you a good insight.

In this phase we start with analysing the data analysis and root-cause analysis for specific problems. E.g. too high costs for maintenance, too much failure in the production process, too low efficiency.

The purpose of this phase is:

  • Deliver an objective - fact-based analysis - of the current situation and the root causes leading to the current situation.
  • Creating a vision of the "Future State" and the improvement potential that lies between the current and future results.
  • Identifying Quickwins that lead directly to results.

As a final step, we design and develop an action plan to arrive at the desired "Future State" and the associated business case. This means that we draw up a detailed plan, including concept layout, alternative choice, results, milestones and budget to achieve the improvement potential.

Quick Scan

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Want to know more about the Quickscan?

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