Higher quality, more yield

French fries without black ends, beans without stems, carrots without discoloration, nuts without skin. With the right sorting systems, you guarantee the desired quality.

The integration of optical sorting machines in your production or packaging line is a must. Optical sorting is a proven technology that your food production company can use to guarantee quality.

How do you choose the right sorting machine?

Too many parameters determine your choice. How do you see the trees through the forest? The different options per sorting machine and supplier do not make it any easier. Line integration, commissioning and service play an essential role in this. An overview and knowledge of the different sorting machines and providers will help you make the right choice and avoid unwanted surprises.

Free-fall selection principle
Volume selection principle

With the expert advice from Zi-Vision you get the best solution. We ensure that the optical sorting machines match your process through perfect integration into the processing steps of your food processing line.

Choose the best sorting systems for the removal of product deviations and foreign matter from the product flow. These systems guarantee a better and more stable quality. Fewer complaints and statistically traceable quality data.

In order to offer the consumer excellent and consistent quality, you want to identify and remove product imperfections or foreign bodies. After all, quality management is an essential part of your production process. As a supplier, you bear responsibility and liability in the event of any complaints.

How do we help you?

Zi-Vision has years of experience in the realization and implementation of in-line solutions in the food sector. We know the available technologies and understand both the possibilities and challenges. Based on our experience and expertise, a careful choice has been made for reliable partners with whom we offer this technology together.

By means of a Quickscan we make a thorough analysis and present you the correct concept.

We coordinate and monitor delivery, acceptance testing, and commissioning and ensure that the installation is delivered as desired.

Reliable partners who understand you

Zi-Vision works together with Optimum Sorting, Marcelissen and GDO. Reliable machine builders who know what is necessary and who understand you. With accessible competent service engineers, minimum production downtime is ensured.


Manufacturer of the best automatic sorting systems. Founder of laser optics application in the food industry. Freefall and belt sorting systems for fresh, deeply cool, dry, and wet products. Both camera and laser optics AND integration of metal detection.


I am happy to advise you about the possibilities and invite you to test your own products in our laboratory.


An optical sorting system that e.g. Root vegetables 360° all around inspects with optical sensors. The product logistics can generate different grades.


Optical sensors inspect the shape, volume and color of e.g. Hamburger. Shortages of product are ejected with mechanical flaps. with optical sensors.


Zi-Vision can inventorise and evaluate the current situation in a non-binding meeting and discuss optimization options with you.

How can we help you?

Please contact us for more information.